Tańczące sosny / Dancing pines

Oj, wy ptaszyny! pewno nie znacie,
Ani tej sosny, co rośnie krzywa
W nie zdartej swej opończy
I jeno wiatrem gałęźmi kiwa
I białą smółkę sączy…

[Maria Konopnicka, "Jesienią" (fragment)]

Sosny [Pine trees]
| Sony A700 | MAF 28-135/4-4,5 | ISO 200 | 90 mm | f/5,6 | -0,3EV | 

10 komentarzy:

  1. A great tree dancing between light and shadows. A very good composition

    It's a pleasure come back and enjoy your last post.

  2. Beautiful tones and textures...

  3. Bonito juego de formas, luces y sombras con unas buenas texturas en los troncos de los pinos.
    Un saludo,

  4. If I hadn't been born a person, I'd have liked to be a tree.


  5. Lovely shot! I agree the dance of the trees among the light and shadows is fabulous. I can almost see these trees move before my eyes. This is a great capture of not only the eye but the imagination. My linky party is open and you're invited to join, here. Happy WW, my friend!

  6. Excellent textures. Great work Jarek!

  7. Those are beautiful trees!

    Have a blessed week. :)


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