Oby świat nie stał się wielką wyludniona wyspą!...

[Henryk Jagodziński]

Łachy w korycie Wisły [Sandbank in the Vistula river bed]
| NEX-5 | CZJ Sonnar 135/3,5 | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/250 s |

7 komentarzy:

  1. Almost an abstract! I like it very much!

  2. Jarek, This is a lovely shot. The lack of a true sense of scale reminds us of the beauty in nature - the geometry of fractals.

    Un abrazo - Nick.

  3. Sometimes you do not need big stages to make a good photo. Only a good look and good work. It's a deluxe edition.


  4. Fantastic view. It's an amazing photo of that place.
    World is full of good photos like yours.

    · Saludos

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  5. I see an ear.

    Very elegant photo, that holds our attention.

  6. A very interesting photo indeed!
    Well done :-))


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