Brama do gorszego świata / Gateway to the off world

Za bramą czai się bieda, która razem ze strachem pije najtańszą wódkę...

Kamienica w centrum miasta [Tenement house in the center of the city]
| Minolta Dynax 800si | MAF 24/2,8 | Ilford XP2 400 | f/4,5 |

7 komentarzy:

  1. Looks beautiful in B&W!
    Happy OWT!

  2. Unfortunately the number 22 is not a case of exception. All over the world there are these doors. Doors that hide the poverty and the lack of almost everything.

  3. Your wonderful black and white photo definitely makes me want to go exploring!

  4. Nice photo. I love your use of B&W.
    Thanks for linking up this week at

  5. Such a great mix of elements.

  6. This shot is so fun. I really like the contrast between the window up top and the alley below.


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