Neogotyk / Gothic Revival

Architektura jest muzyką w przestrzeni, niejako muzyką zastygłą

[Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling]

Neogotycki "zameczek" w Radziejowicach [The Gothic Revival little castle in Radziejowice]
| Sony A700 | MAF 28-135/4-4,5 | ISO 200 | 50 mm | f/5,6 | 1/90 s | +0,3 EV |

20 komentarzy:

  1. so many graphical details. perfect in B&W.

  2. Your photos are amazing!!!...I didn´t want to look at them because I Knew that I would fall in love with black and white again, hahahaaa!!!

    Congratulacions and a big hug, my friend!!! ;)

  3. ładnie

  4. Como dice Ignacio (que es un gran fotógrafo en byn) tus blancos y negros son de pura envidia. Un abrazo Jarek

  5. A delightful patchwork of different shapes. I like how they all complement each other.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  6. Superbe blog que le tien. Il y a beaucoup de sensibilité et de talent, ici. Bravo.
    Bien amicalement.


  7. I love doors! They have great shapes, sometimes awesome color and they always make a great photograph!

  8. A mixture of elements something strange, but it works very well.

  9. Fantastic! Love the textures that come through so strong in black and white.

  10. Wonderful photo

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    1. Thank you for linking back to us !

      Have a nice weekend

  11. Beautiful capture of this door in black and white!

  12. Put in 2 comments before, so I'll try one more time! Love arched doors, and your capture is a stunning black and white! "See" you in a few days at Seasons:) Have a great weekend!


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